The Pizza Time Analogy

Technically I’ve written way more than 250 words today, including quite a bit involving JoCo Cruise Crazy II. But none of those words appear here.

I actually find it’s much harder to write “fun stuff” after spending the day doing drier writing, versus when I have lots of fallow time. Yes, it’s partly because I’ve already spent a lot of brain energy stringing words together (which certainly disallows me from writing a well-honed rant). But the larger problem how difficult it is to switch mental gears after having one’s brain marinated in unfunizone all day long.

Not even wearing my jammies, feet up as I sit on a big comfy couch, and in the presence of two purring cats can shake me out of Business Mode tonight. Frankly, right now it feels like I’m sitting in the ball pit at a Chuck E. Cheese’s wearing a business suit. No, that wouldn’t be awesome. You’d be worried the whole time about getting crappy pizza on your tie, or that you’d be arrested. Because why else would someone be in a kid’s arcade wearing business attire, except to lure children through the power of professional demeanor?

See? See what happens? I tried to shift gears with a metaphor for my mental state, and instead of coming off as light-hearted and fun, it was downright creepy. Which I suppose validates my Pizza Time analogy: I’m completely out of place writing for Longer Thoughts right now–and the more fun, innocent side of my mind knows it, and wants it arrested.

So good night. Hopefully I’ll be bored enough tomorrow to peck out something more fun and/or interesting. Or at the very least, less creepy.
Business Suit Man photo from Matt Gibson (Flickr)

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    When I had a Day Job I found I couldn’t write anything worthwhile after getting home, so I started writing for an hour before work, which I called Coffee Time. Then I discovered the lemon bundt cake at Starbucks, so coffee and productive writing became Fat Time. I got a lot of good, fun work done during Fat Time.

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