That Outer Glow

It’s been less than a week since we launched Longer Thoughts, and I’m already starting to repeat myself. I am of course referring to the photo mashups, the first two of which made prominent use of Photoshop’s outer glow layer adjustment.

In the interest of not being labeled as “That Outer Glow Guy” (because what could be worse than that?) I’ve decided to use it not more than once a week (“That Guy Who Uses Outer Glow Once a Week” is not nearly so odious.)

That said, I stand by my use of outer glow, and will go so far as to say that anything awesome can be made awesomer by its application. Why yes, I HAVE put together a Flickr slideshow to demonstrate my bold assertion:

If the embed isn’t working for you, click here to view the “That Outer Glow” Flickr slideshow.

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