Show! Shows! Shows! (AND…the Bat Signal rises over Portland)

Just about the most common question we (or any band or musician) gets is “When are you coming to my town?” We LOVE this question, even if the only answers you’ll ever get out of us are “check our website” and “as soon as possible”, because it means you like us enough to want us to come to your town (btw, Eventful is a great way to let us know, too.)

I’m actually writing this on a plane on my spanky-new MacBook Pro as we make good on our promise to return to Seattle (with Hank Green and Mike Phirman, with special guest drummer person Jason Finn), Portland (same lineup PLUS The Doubleclicks) and L.A. (Wil Wheaton vs. Paul and Storm, feat. James Urbaniak). Tuesday’s Seattle show is already sold out, and at last check L.A. was tracking towards the same results.

Then there’s Portland, a town we’ve been to many times over the years in many different configurations. We first fell in love with Portland back when we were half of Da Vinci’s Notebook. Later we returned on our own as Paul and Storm, then opening for Jonathan Coulton, and most recently with the nerd circus we call w00tstock. The last few appearances were also at the Aladdin, where we’ll be this Friday, March 25, and there isn’t a more lively and fun room in the country when it’s full-up. And while we’d continue to come back to Portland for the Voodoo Donuts and Ground Kontrol arcade alone, as of this posting the room is gonna be somewhat short of somewhat short of full.

Not empty, mind you: lots of people have already bought tickets, and they’re going to get an incredible show no matter what. But it’s a pretty big room–one of these grand old movie houses built before the main objective was to construct a rectangular space as quickly and cheaply as possible. The Aladdin gives you that Muppet Theater feeling–and is exactly the kind of joint that brings out the Kermit and Grover in both us and thems that come to be part of the spectacle.

Did we mention HANK GREEN (Vlog Brothers / Nerdfighters) and MIKE PHIRMAN ( / Hard ‘n’ Phirm)? If you already know who they are, you probably already bought tickets. If you don’t, you should know that they are your two new favorite people. You just haven’t met them yet. How much charm does Hank have? So much that there’ll still be residual traces in the room from when he was a w00tstock guest. And Mike? Ever hear of a thing called JoCo Cruise Crazy? Well, it wasn’t a competition, but he won it anyway, earning himself the nickname The Human Smile in the process. Oh, and they’re both insanely funny.

Speaking of funny, only at our Portland show will you get to experience THE DOUBLECLICKS. Who are they? Just another run-of-the-mill geeky act featuring a pair of sisters who deploy guitar, cello, crisp wordplay, and humor wry enough to MELT YOUR FACE OFF, that’s all. Yes, it’s that wry. Face-melting wry*.

So if you’ve been thinking about coming (or missed out on Seattle) (or simply live within 1,000 miles), and you don’t purchase tickets for yourself and ten of your friends, you’re really only hurting yourself. Because now more than ever you need to laugh and “Arrrrrr!” You deserve to be charmed and amused by two of the nicest people on earth. And nothing in the world feels like having your face melted off by talented music/comedy sisters.

Warrrrrriors! Come out to play-ee-aaaay!

*Face-Melting Wry is our Warren Zevon cover band.

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    And I have to say the concert was positively fabulous and filled with much hilarity (and The Doubleclicks were awesomesauce). I am still ashamed about the no thrown panties part, though. Although, I think Seattle’s 9 foot briefs filled everyone’s panties quota for the year. Thanks Seattle!

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