A Golden Age for Fart Jokes

[WARNING: After reading this, you may have the impression that I’m a self-important douchebag.]

There are many place-times in history in which the amount of Awesome produced spiked high above the norm: Florence, Italy in the 15th century; the Impressionists of late 19th century Paris; or early 20th century Harlem. In these eras, bright minds gather together and exhale, creating an atmosphere that, once taken back into their mind-lungs, transmogrifies their brain-mouths into new-idea-voices.
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The Persistence of the Brothers Gibb

Storm with Bee Gees coming out of his head in front of Devil's Tower

Here we are on the first “real” day for Longer Thoughts, and I’m already going to break my self-imposed rules. But I never was one to slavishly heed authority, and Just Yesterday Storm is kind of a dick, so screw him. I actually wrote the essay below a few days ago, and the only original writing is this introduction, which only adds up to 158 words. Also (semi-spoiler alert), the condition described in the first paragraph no longer exists in my mind, so that whooshing sound you hear is honesty going straight out the airlock. But in my own defense, every word was true when written.

Now that I think about it, I should probably get bonus honesty points for ‘fessing up, since I could have just posted the essay sans intro and you’d have been none the wiser. At any rate, for now please set your searing judgement aside and enjoy “The Persistence of the Brothers Gibb”…

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Why are we doing this? (or, Welcome to Longer Thoughts)

Starting a writer’s blog may seem like an odd thing for us to do. But we often have ideas that are too long for Twitter’s 140-character limit, and too “off-topic” to merit posting on paulandstorm.com. We don’t know exactly what we’re going to post yet, but it’ll likely be a mix of glib observations, thought-provoking and/or funny essays, TV and movie reviews, short stories, or even serialized stories (like “Emily and the Really Sexy Vampyre”). And yes, the occasional long-form poop joke.

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