The Irish Sing​-​along Song (live)

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Though now I live across the sea, me thoughts, they often roam
Back to the hills and valleys of me old ancestral home
Me mother’s eyes, me sister’s laugh, the games we used to play
And the song me father taught me, I remember to this day
And he sang

Something something something something, la-da da-da dah
La da-da dee-dee da-da something something la-da dah
[Unintelligible] la-da dah
Oh, something something la-da da-da dah!

One day, around the forest glen, a’ wand’rin’ I did go
I came upon a leprechaun and grabbed him by his toe
He said “Dear boy, release me, and I’ll give ye’ all me gold
And sing to thee the secrets of the Celts in days of old”
And he sang


One night, well langers, I did spy a brasser o’ crimson hair
She fancied doggin’, so we bogged the ginnet then an’ there
Her skanger damo did a babs; shimozzle, lattytat
Grand cake nora go me teeth; the Saints, they reeled the spat
And they sang


I love to breathe the open air, I love a pint o’ plain
I love to court the ladies fair, Killarney to Coleraine
But most of all, I love to hear me father’s favorite song
Especially I love when everybody sings along…