Better Off Dead (Randy Newman’s “Theme from ‘It’s a Wonderful Life'”)

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It doesn’t feel too much like Christmas Eve here
The town is covered up in shades of gray
I’ve tried a thousand times, but I can’t leave here
Though all my former friends have gone away

All my plans here at my feet
Now just snowflakes in the street
Trampled by the giants overhead
Down below me, that ol’ river’s flowin’
Maybe I’d be better off dead

If there’s an angel watchin’, then he’s laughin’
Gettin’ quite a kick from my despair
‘Cause angels wouldn’t let this crap all happen
That’s why I’m pretty sure he isn’t there

All it ever takes
Is just one or two mistakes
It all unravels from a single thread
Now I’m drunk and alone, and that river’s flowin’
Maybe, just maybe
Even though I’d miss you, baby
Maybe I’d be better off dead